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Jovan Foods Ltd was established in 1989 as a Continental Food Distributor. In 1996 Jovan Foods relocated to its current Mitcham premises, starting as a Sole Trader and moving onto a Partnership before becoming a Limited Company.

We specialise in Polish, Balkan and Continental meat, ham and many other products. These products are produced, sold, imported and exported from the U.K, all are available for Wholesale.

Jovan Foods Ltd primary function is the manufacture of meat products. We follow traditional methods of preparing and manufacturing meat, including sausages, ham and other pork and beef-meat products.

Jovan Foods Ltd supports traditonal methods and continues to use traditional recipes. We were the first producers of Balkan Sausages (Kosovo Suxhuk, Bosnian Sudjuk, Pastrama and many more). We also pride ourselves on the continued production of traditional english sausages.

Jovan Foods Ltd is an exporter of Balkans products to Germany and Holland, we are the sole agency of the Minas Coffee and whole pickled Cabbage (Podunavlje).

Jovan Foods Ltd operates in accordance with good production practices, applying the HACCP control system. We guarantee constant high quality of the products appearing on the market, corresponding to the issues of the EU.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products. - Tel: 020 8648 3197